Sound Shapes coming to Vita and PS3 on August 7

Sound Shapes is pretty much the reason why Garnett and I have PS Vita systems. Everyday Shooter developer Jonathan Mak has teamed up with an indie dream team to make a music platforming game where every new level is a new musical experience. Excitingly, Sound Shapes allows players to play, create, and share their own levels with an intuitive level creator.

One of our most anticipated Vita games now has a release date: August 7th. However, Sony has also announced that it's no longer a Vita exclusive--it will be coming to PS3 on the same day.

As with other PSN cross-platform exclusives, one $15 purchase will unlock both versions of the game. Through crossplay, you'll be able to save your campaign data on the cloud and resume your progress on either platform. You can even start creating a song on one platform, and finish it on another. Finally, every user-created level will work across either system.