Rift: Storm Legion expansion will triple game world

Trion World's popular MMO, Rift is getting a face lift through a new expansion pack. Called Storm Legion, the expansion promises to add two new continents that will triple the size of the existing world of Telara. The story-driven expansion will focus on Crucia, Queen of Storms, and the armies she hopes to bring through a gateway to the planes.

As explained on the expansion's official web site, Storm Legion will add three new raids and seven new dungeons. The add-on is planned for release this fall.

Trion had hinted at the expansion when it sent out an odd assortment of goodies, including a carpenter's level with the number 10 on it (the level cap rises from 50 to 60), the soles of four shoes (four new souls, one for each calling), and a rusty key ring with a gold key labeled Port Tempest (although the new city is Tempest Bay, according to the official site).

We'll get a first-hand look at the new Telara at E3 next week.

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