CastleStorm blending Angry Birds with RTS

Given how massively popular Angry Birds is, it's surprising that there aren't more attempts to build the idea into a more complex game. Pinball FX2 developer Zen Studios is stepping up to the plate with CastleStorm, announced today, which combines 2D catapult shenanigans with tower defense and RTS elements.

Once again, those trouble-making vikings and knights are at war, trying to conquer lands by smashing each other's castles to pieces. As well as blasting different types of ammo from your catapults, you deploy troops to charge across the battlefield, and can zap away with spells.

You also get to build your own castle, partially because making castles is fun, but also because your fortress affects the forces and resources you have in battle.

CastleStorm is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and unspecified "other digital platforms" this year.

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