Snapshot coming to PS3 and Vita

It's always frustrating to realise the item you need to solve a puzzle is way back in the level, but Snapshot has a neat-o solution to this. The puzzle-platformer gives you a camera to capture items in photos, which you can then drop back into the world. Splendid! Developer Retro Affect has now confirmed that it'll hit PlayStation 3 and Vita via the PlayStation Network, on top of the previously-revealed PC, Mac and Linux versions.

It's not that simple, of course. Photographs capture the object's original momentum, so you'll have to carefully arrange your holiday snaps to solve the puzzles. You may be tossing a box, dropping in light, or even duplicating yourself, which all sounds jolly good fun. The PS3 version will support PlayStation Move, while the Vita version will support touch controls.

Snapshot is slated for release on PS3 and Vita this fall. However, while the two will be able to share save files, they will not come bundled like other cross-platform PSN games. "Right now the plan is for the PS Vita and PS3 versions to be separate purchases," Retro Affect's David Carrigg said on the PlayStation.Blog. "Because we are supporting shared saved games, we hope that players with a PS3 and a PS Vita who want the game on both systems don’t have to break the bank to do so."

The PC addition will be available vaguely "in the next few months or so." After that, we'll be seeing Mac and Linux editions.