Ghost Recon: Final Mission coming to Vita, retail suggests

Odds are high that Sony's E3 press conference will have a number of high-profile games announced for its fledgling handheld, Vita. Could one of them be a brand new Ghost Recon game?

GAME UK has posted a listing (now removed) for an unannounced Ghost recon game. Called Ghost Recon: Final Mission, it's due for Vita later this year.

It's unlikely to be the final mission for the popular Tom Clancy franchise, as Ubisoft only just launched the Ghost Recon Network. With Ghost Recon Online, Commander, and Future Soldier already shipped, Final Mission would be the fourth game in the franchise from Ubisoft this year.

Ubisoft offered "no comment" when contacted by Gamespot for comment. With E3 only a week away, it's likely we'll find out more about this mysterious game then.