Day Z patch welcomes ladies to the apocalypse

Women are hugely important in any zombie apocalypse scenario, as those baby factories shall be needed rebuild the human race. Accordingly, smash hit Arma 2 mod Day Z added lady characters in a new patch on Sunday. Oh, and bandits now look like everyone else. Good luck with that.

Day Z's ladies look a little something like this. Players will be presented with a one-time option to switch to female characters when they first connect to a server after applying the patch.

This is irreversible, tied to your CD key, and applies to all future characters you make, so you may not want to be a lady for a lark. Especially considering how charmingly hostile some players can be to ladies in multiplayer FPSs, and how easy Day Z makes it for someone to ruin your fun.

As well as adding ladies and changing the bandit code so players don't automatically don a mask when their humanity dips low, patch 1.6.0 adds switchable outfits. You can persuade a player to part with their vestments, perhaps at gunpoint, or go scavenging for your own.

There are a few tweaks to the new temperature/sickness system introduced recently too. Check out the patch notes for the full run-down of what's new, and download the new version from the Day Z site.