The Secret World delayed until July 3

As The Secret World has already been kept hidden from our eyes for thousands of years, not to mention delayed several times, another fortnight of not knowing about the Lovecraftian horrors clawing at reality's walls shouldn't hurt. Funcom announced this morning that its real-world-y MMORPG has been delayed to July 3, also revealing the beta event schedule to soften the blow.

Funcom explains that the new date places TSW "in a more positive launch window which will benefit the launch of the game." A June 19 launch would place it in a crowded month for new releases, but July is a little lighter. Besides, every MMORPG under the sun could've benefited from another two weeks of development before launch.

The next beta event will run from June 15 to 17, opening up the Illuminati and Dragon faction starter experiences plus the Savage Coast region of the world. You're guaranteed beta access if you pre-order, or you can chance your luck and sign up on the official site. The final beta weekend is June 22 to 24, introducing PvP warzones.

Early access for pre-orderers will begin on June 29.