New Pandaren mounts revealed for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria brings the Pandaren race to playable form in the upcoming Word of Warcraft expansion. And, as with any new race comes a host of new phrases, dances, and history. It also brings new mounts so the new race can ride around Azeroth in style.

Blizzard unveiled the new Pandaren mount today, and it isn't all that new. The race gets to ride a dragon turtle, and although it is skinned a bit differently, the turtle mount has been available to all players lucky enough to catch one while fishing.

The mount looks comfortable with cushions and cask storage, but Blizzard does provide the following disclaimer: "Do not operate while napping. May not actually charge into battle. Maps, cushions, and brew-storage optional. May cause mount envy and wanderlust. For recreational use only. Keep fingers and toes away from mouth. Do not leave in sun. Feed and water regularly. No guarantees real or imagined apply."

And what good partying Pandaren doesn't want to dance? If you missed these when they were announced, the male dance (seen below) is Party Rock Anthem, while the female dance is Caramelldansen: