The Cave coming from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine

When Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert joined Double Fine Productions in 2010, he teased an adventure game project that'd been rattling around his head for a few years. Today, after a little hint, it's finally been revealed as The Cave, coming for download on PC and consoles in early 2013.

Choosing a trio of characters from a selection including a knight, scientist, time traveller, hillbilly and creepy twins, each with their own special abilities and motivations, you'll venture down into the titular hole. This no no mere cave, no no no, rather The Cave, filled with strange and wonderful environments and, this being an adventure game, puzzles.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that it packs same-screen multiplayer, which all sounds a bit like Trine with more puzzling and less killing, and quite splendid.

Publisher Sega hasn't specified exactly which consoles The Cave will come to, but all of Double Fine's recent efforts have hit Xbox 360, so that at least seems a given. Don't forget that there's Double Fine's Kickstarter-backed adventure game to come too.

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