XCOM delayed into 'fiscal 2014'

When 2K Games announced the release date for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we couldn't help but wonder: what ever happened to the FPS reboot by 2K Marin? Originally scheduled to release on March 6th of this year, the game has been delayed yet again, this time away from its fiscal 2013 release into "fiscal 2014," which begins on April 1, 2013.

With such a significant delay, it's clear that the beleaguered project is undergoing a serious rework. The game has already drastically changed over the years, and suffered a setback when its studio head left the team.

Now that the game has been delayed so significantly, one can't help but wonder: will this game arrive on this generation of consoles? With rumors pointing to a late 2013 launch of the new PlayStation and Xbox, it seems 2K might be repositioning the title as a launch game for next generation systems.