SOE announces free-to-play FPS 'Bullet Run'

The future of entertainment is, we all know, ultraviolent bloodsports--like video games, but with real people and on television. Giving us an early glimpse of this grim game is Bullet Run, a free-to-play FPS announced today by Sony Online Entertainment.

The reality TV show will provide team-based tomfoolery for up to 20 players across several modes and a starting lineup of six maps. Weapons can be customized with silencers and stocks and scopes and such, while you can jazz yourself up with "vanity" items.

There are the usual leveling-up antics and perks, but one feature not often seen in FPSs is a Gears of War-style active reload. It's a small touch but gosh, one I like the sound of.

Developed by Acony Games, Bullet Run is headed to PC this summer. Hit the official site for more information, and have a gander at the announcement trailer:

BOOM video 12827