Weekend Confirmed 113 - Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, The Last of Us

By Jeff Mattas, May 18, 2012 11:00am PDT

With Garnett absent due to being neck-deep in E3 Judges' Week, the two Jeffs and Andrew are joined by Joystiq's Xav de Matos to discuss a couple of big new releases from the past week, and more. Diablo III gets discussed--both in terms of the game itself and its launch-time server issues--as does Rockstar's moody shooter, Max Payne 3. There's also some banter about Naughty Dog's upcoming survival-themed The Last of Us and the A Game of Thrones tie-in game, and more, before the crew brings it all home with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 113: 05/18/2012

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  • May I ask what those guys were/are smoking when playing Max Payne 3?!
    Why are they saying "It's looking really great"? WTH
    It looks awful, in comparison. Sure, if you JUST look at MP3 it looks okay, but in comparison to other recent games, it looks AWFUL. Especially the animations. Those are even worse than in GTA 4 (And there some of them were even great). That aside, the "Tony Scott style" (which I love in his movies) they are trying to do is awful as well, because there is no sense behind it at all. Words pop up without any reason. And the autosaves are awful as well (How can a game in 2012 still let you REWATCH cutscenes if you die... Jesus). Ah well. They are excited about Diablo 3 as well, so... Hmm.

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    • I could argue just how insanely wrong this comment is, but instead, I'll just quote the opening of the review of the game from Edge Magazine. They sum it up so much better than I ever could. They gave it a 7 out of 10 for the record, so it's not as if they loved it.

      "When Max Payne switches from a two-handed weapon to the handgun in his holster, he doesn’t reach behind his back to plant the larger gun firmly on the adhesive outer surface of his jacket. It doesn’t vanish inside the TARDIS-like confines of his pockets either, sent to that mysterious alternate dimension called the inventory screen. Instead, he loosely dangles the weapon by his side, while getting to business with the pistol in the other hand. You’d think this would make reloading tricky, but Payne has a system. He tucks the big gun in the crook of his arm, grabs and inserts a clip into his pistol with his freed hand, and lets the larger gun fall back into his grip.

      The first time you see this, it’s a delight, the smooth animation showcasing Payne’s efficient weapon-handling skills, while also throwing down the gauntlet to games that think details such as the practicalities of juggling a videogame arsenal don’t, or shouldn’t, matter. By the fourth reload, it already looks more canned, but by then the statement of intent has been made.

      Max Payne 3 is all about such details, its astonishing production values fashioning a world richer than a string of bowls and corridors designed to showcase Payne’s athletic style of gunplay really needed to be. "

      Simply put, the game is a delight to watch. I also love playing it, though there is an issue with gameplay repetition and some weird choices as far as evolving the gameplay.