Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD revisiting THPS3 for DLC

Though Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is an attempt to recapture and rework the glory of the first two entries in the skate 'em up series, Activision has confirmed that a few levels from Pro Skater 3 will sneak in as downloadable content. The publisher's polling fans to see which courses they'd most like to skate, so shout out your favourites.

There's a topic on the game's Facebook page for you to beg and plead, though it's not a straightforward popularity contest. Instead, it'll work out like when Hawk polled fans about their favourite levels from Pro Skater 1 & 2 to include in PS HD.

Activision explained in the announcement, "It wasn't an exact science - Tony still pushed to get Phoenix Downhill in there despite the fact it didn't top the list - but other levels like Marseilles and School 2 made the cut because of the fans."

Made by Robomodo, who took over developing the series with 2009's plastic skateboard-enhanced Tony Hawk: Ride, Pro Skater HD will cost "around $15." Activision still won't officially state a release window more specific than "summer," but The Hawkman himself casually mentioned earlier this month that it'll launch in June.