Lost Planet spin-off 'EX Troopers' announced

Capcom is back on-board with Lost Planet and pushing the franchise hard with a new spin-off in addition to Lost Planet 3. The new action shooter is called EX Troopers, and is scheduled to hit the 3DS and PlayStation 3 later this year in Japan. So far, US plans haven't been announced.

Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Andriasang) reports that the game will be playable at the Capcom Summer Jam event in Tokyo, starting in late June. The game details a fight between the snow pirates and Akrid on EDN-3rd. It takes place in an academy, and your character, Bren Turner, meets up with TeeKee, a female snow pirate, and Gingira, a sentient Vital Suit. You'll select one of three bases with its own specialties to serve as your base, and other members will join from other bases.

If it sounds more geared toward inexperienced players, that's because producer Shintaro Kojima wants it to serve as a beginner's action title. Gameplay details are sparse, but we should hear more soon since it will be playable to the Japanese public next month.