Dear Esther sale celebrates Mac launch

The promised Mac edition of Dear Esther launched yesterday, accompanied by a hearty 50% discount bringing the celebrated indie explore-a-story down to only $4.99. Those curious about why it's so divisive would do well to pick it up at that price.

Dear Esther won an IGF 2012 award for Excellence In Visual Art and has been lauded by many, but others have deemed it boring, pretentious, or not even a game. To see what you make of it, head on over to Steam for the sale.

Developer thechineseroom is now working with Frictional Games on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Their combine powers should produce something truly horrific.

Demonstrating how strange and wonderful PC gaming is, Steam's top sales chart is currently topped by Dear Esther and Arma II Combined Operations, thanks respectively to this sale and the sensational Day Z mod. Happy days.