Jagged Alliance: Back in Action DLC mission released

The dreams of every hardcore Jagged Alliance fan have come true, with the launch of new Jagged Alliance: Back in Action downloadable content based upon the tie-in novel 'Shades of Red.' For people who merely enjoy the turn-based tactics game, hey, more JA!

The DLC adds one single new mission based upon I.M. Wong's book, which was included with the German Special Edition. In it, the excellently-named Ivan Dolvic, Kyle 'Shadow' Simmons and Cynthia 'Fox' Guzzman are off to stop a naughty terrorist from nuking the world's leaders. But wait, surprise twist! Fox is captured before the mission starts, so you'll have to free her first before stopping the bad men using your bullets. Ah, techno-thrillers!

For $4.99, Shades of Red will give you an estimated hour of extra playtime. It's available now from your friendly neighbourhood digital distributor.