Report: Reckoning developer at risk of insolvency

38 Studios, the owner of developer Big Huge Games (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) may be facing financial difficulties, and has turned to the Rhode Island government to stay solvent. State officials have been meeting with the game studio, though specific measures aren't being discussed yet.

"We're always working to keep Rhode Island companies solvent, and that's what we're doing with 38 Studios," Governor Lincoln Chafee told local TV station NBC 10. "We're working with 38 Studios on different issues. That's all I can report right now."

The company was originally formed in Massachusetts, but Rhode Island offered a $75 million loan guarantee in 2010. This was to bring jobs and tax revenue into the state, but the loan was a contentious topic during the recent election season. When Reckoning was released, studio founder Curt Schilling reassured the state that, "the only way taxpayers lose is if the company failed."

The NPD reports that Reckoning has sold 410,000 copies across all platforms since release.