Doctor Who game coming to PS3 May 23, Vita on June 13

The Doctor Who game has set its dates for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, and the wait won't be long. Supermassive's Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will come to PlayStation 3 on May 23, and then the Vita on June 13. Those of you who would rather play the PC version will have to wait until "shortly after."

The game's Twitter account dropped the release news. The UK will have to wait an extra two days for the PS3 version, because apparently being the home of Doctor Who doesn't earn them dibs on the game tie-in.

As previously reported, the game features voices of both the Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Alex Kingston (River Song), as they navigate through puzzles and deal with the series' iconic aliens and assorted baddies. Supermassive promises multiple story possibilities based on your choices, and a story written by the BBC Wales team.