Witcher 2 dev hiring for new RPG IP

CD Projekt RED has carved out a name for itself in the RPG genre with The Witcher series, providing a dark fantasy world with plenty of detail to scratch more mature sensibilities. But that franchise is based on a series of Polish novels of the same name, and now it seems CD Projekt is ready to step out on its own with an original RPG.

The company Web site seeks eager developers for "an entirely new and different IP - a vast RPG for which we want to assemble the best possible staff." The paragraph differentiates this new RPG from the dark fantasy world pretty explicitly, and then suggests the new series could deal with more recent (or future) tech. "No matter if it's with guns or swords, we're just having a good time here."

None of the job listings for the untitled project shed much light on it, other than referring to it as "RPG in a Brand New Setting." It seems fairly early, so we may have to wait a while before we learn more details about exactly what this new setting is. The job openings also list another dark fantasy project, likely another game in the Witcher series.