GameStop begins phasing out PSP

By Andrew Yoon, May 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT

You've had a good run, PSP. Seven years after its launch, it appears the platform is slowly retiring. While new PSP games still occasionally come out, it's clear that many gamers have moved on to new devices, including the Vita. To match the quieting demand for PSP games, GameStop is removing inventory from 25% of its stores.

"The consolidation is occurring to maximize the merchandising space in the smallest 25% of stores," a GameStop representative told Kotaku. "It will also provide a greater assortment in those stores that will continue to carry the category."

PSP will still be offered at the bigger GameStop stores, as well as online. While the PSP is far from being dead, this is definitely a sure sign that the platform is fading away.

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