Street Fighter X Tekken available for PC, DLC 'not on the disc'

In the two months since Street Fighter X Tekken was released for consoles, you might have reasonably forgotten that the PC version was scheduled for today. The PC version is mostly free of bells and whistles, besides a few key standard features like support for different resolutions, keyboards, and a benchmark tool.

A post on the Capcom Unity blog addresses a few questions about the PC version, including the minimum and recommended specs. It uses Games for Windows Live copy protection with a one-time activation key, and doesn't make use of any special DirectX10 or DirectX11 upgrades. The game does support NVidia 3D vision, in case you want some depth to your brawling.

Capcom also addresses the DLC controversy from consoles head-on. "DLC will not be distributed on the disc," the FAQ reads. "Patches will be distributed that will add the content for all users as we finalize it on PC. The content will be patched in to everyone for free, but the paid stuff will initially be locked. In order to use it, you will have to purchase an unlock key."

Although the PC version is getting a physical release in Europe and Asia, but not in North or South America. Check your favorite digital distributor.