Weekend Confirmed 112 - Tera, The Walking Dead, Assassin's Creed 3

By Garnett Lee, May 11, 2012 11:00am PDT

Tera has been stealing sleep from Jeff, and is trying to lure Garnett into its clutches as well. They discuss the new MMORPG's action combat that arguably favors a controller over keyboard with "Indie" Jeff and Christian. Like the zombies in the game, The Walking Dead comes back for another week, and not to be outdone, there are more zombie good times with Brainsss. The new Assassin's Creed 3 trailer's in-game action left everyone stoked for the prospects of being in the thick of the American Revolution. And there's time for a few more things before Finishing Moves wraps it all up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 112: 05/11/2012

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  • Garnett, Kickstarter is a little different than preordering a product in that you are buying into something "sight unseen" and the time at which you are charged. I have already been charged for Republique. If Ryan Payton wanted to he could change that game into a shooter with a huge breasted scantily clad female lead (the opposite of what he advertised) and the supporters have no recourse. They have already been charged.

    In the case of preordering for example Borderlands 2 (used in the show as an example), there probably will be a demo before I am charged by Amazon, Gamestop, or whoever. I can see what kind of product that I am actually buying. At that time I can choose to cancel my preorder. This is not the case with Kickstarter. They are two different animals.

  • This is a ridiculously nerdy correction to point out, but Jeff made an offhand remark about nobody being able to "beat" Pac-Man.

    This is technically untrue, there's a kill screen at level 256, at which point the game is considered beaten, and in 1999, Billy Mitchell of King of Kong fame was the first to play what was considered a perfect game, getting the highest possible score prior to reaching the kill screen.


    For what it's worth, though, I do think there's merit to Jeff's point. There's still something to be said for pure score chasing.

  • Hearing them discuss Tera was cool... but I haven't heard one podcast discussing Guild Wars 2 which is kind of lame to me b/c as MMO's go, it is much more refreshing. I only played in the beta for Tera (and for GW2); but after I got past the combat of Tera, it was just another MMO, much in the same vein as Aion. As action MMO's go, I'd rather just wait on NC Soft's release of Blade & Soul. That's actually more the experience I thought that Tera was going to provide.

    But based on the betas, GW2 offers a much fresher look at the genre imo. The moment to moment gameplay was far more addictive to me. Also, for as much as he goes on about the graphics of Tera, GW2 looks much more beautiful to me. Although, that may have something to do with the different art styles... the art in Tera just doesn't do it for me. Also, the action combat is cool... but there is a lot less spectacle to attacks. Part of the thing I like about rpg's in general is the spectacle and visual effects involved in attacks... which was somewhat lacking in Tera for me.

    Tera is probably the most interesting MMO out at the moment. But I pulled my pre-order just b/c I couldn't see myself playing it 6 mths from now... and I already made that flub with SWTOR lol.

  • I've been really enjoying weekend confirmed, i've been listening to podcast since 1UP yours and thats how i found out about TRS and Jeff Cannata. i would like to in a suggestion for the show:

    1. Alcohol, this sounds silly, but i enjoyed listening to you guys break out a couple brewskis and just chatting amongst each other.

    2. More guests, i want to hear from more people around the industry, not that i don't love everything you guys say but i'd like to hear more from other people

    3. more spoiler based discussion, i know some people are bothered about spoilers, SO maybe you guys could have a spoiler filled segment right at the end. after the "NPR-esque whats making you happy this week" aka finishing move, just let people know you're going to talk spoilers now, so if they really give a shit then they'll stop listening at that point, go finish the game in question and listen to your opinions afterwards.

    also, special mention to N'gai Croal. love to hear his perspective on things.

  • This week the show brought up episodic content in extending the lifetime of an MMO, and giving the user interim "endings" so that the game doesn't feel entirely like a grind.

    I've played a few MMO's, rarely enough to see all their content/content patches. One that DOES come to mind (beyond the WoW example that they already talked about) is Star Trek Online and the way the Cryptic guys put together episodic content.

    In STO, every once in a while a new "season" would be started that would start a new story arc. Weekly a new episode would be released which would offer new quests within the universe, usually on a planet that otherwise hadn't had a particular purpose other than to make travel less empty looking. They would chain five or six episodes together and weave a story though them to complete a storyline complete with epic loot at the end for finishing during the season it was posted.

    The cryptic guys don't seemingly have enough money to push these forward very often so they run repeats of the existing episodes - but I thought it was well handled, and frankly was the only thing that brought me back to the game. Once they stopped, I stopped playing and uninstalled the game.

    Any other MMO's do this well? Has anyone played STO to agree/disagree with me?