Max Payne 3 arcade modes detailed

Max Payne 3 is sure to be a dark, cinematic adventure with noir overtones, with the type of depressing story that could put you in a blue funk. If you need a break from all that negativity, though, the game will feature two arcade modes to rack up points like an old-school video game, and reward your success with multiplayer benefits. Score Attack Mode is straight-forward enough. Completing a level in single-player opens up the ability to play it in Score Attack, getting points for both individual hits and full kills. New York Minute returns from previous Max Payne games, running down a 60-second clock and giving bonus time for each downed enemy. These single-player modes add bonuses that can be used in the multiplayer as well. High scores net you extra XP, as well as character unlocks like Fabiana Branco and Passos. Max Payne 3 is hitting stores next Tuesday, May 15.

Max Payne 3