Resident Evil 6 expected to sell 7M

Capcom has shared some of its sales targets for the coming year in its financial forecast, detailing ambitious plans for Resident Evil 6, and more modest ones for a few of its other franchise titles. The company expects the new game in its famed zombie series to move a whopping 7 million units worldwide.

Andriasang reports on the financial statements, which show smaller targets for other upcoming titles. It's planning on 2 million for DMC: Devil May Cry, 1.5 million for the upcoming Dragon's Dogma, and 1.4 million for Lost Planet 3. Each of them are set to hit sometime in this fiscal year, though for Lost Planet that means early 2013.

These games are pretty clearly targeted towards the western market, which is a major part of Capcom's strategy. It expects 15 billion yen (approximately $188 million) in operating income for the fiscal year, bolstered by North America. Of its total plan to sell 20 million units, the lion's share come from the west: 7.6 million and 5.2 million from North America and Europe, respectively, compared to 6.5 million from Japan.