Dark coming to Xbox 360 and PC in 2013

By Andrew Yoon, May 10, 2012 4:30pm PDT

We're going to guess that RealmForge's new game, DARK, isn't going to be the most uplifting title. The developers of Dungeons are trying their hand at a new genre, moving away from strategy into third-person stealth-action.

Players assume the role of a vampire trying to uncover the secrets of the GeoForge Corporation. You'll hunt targets in a futuristic cityscape utilizing vampire-enhanced stealth skills.

Combining a unique cel-shaded open world with intriguing vampire abilities--like turning into a puff of smoke--RealmForge's new game certainly sounds like it has potential. However, given Dungeon's lackluster reviews and the ambitious scale of the project, we're a little skeptical.

Dark will be available on Xbox 360 and PC in early 2013.

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