Sons of Anarchy game planned for consoles

All the thrills, chills and spills of life in an outlaw motorcyle club may be coming to a console near you in a sandbox video game adaptation of TV biker drama series Sons of Anarchy, creator Kurt Sutter has let slip. In a series of Tweets, Sutter explained that serious talks are underway to make a "REAL game ... not some slapcrap browser MP thing."

"Had a great meeting with a big distributor yesterday. Myself and everyone at FX and Fox is committed to making this happen," Sutter said yesterday (via GameSpot).

"We definitely wanna do a REAL game. Console based. Not some slapcrap browser MP thing. It'll take a while, but it's the right way to go," he explained. They're thinking sanbox, Sutter added.

But what about squeezes and back warmers? Fear not, gentle ladies, as Sutter responded to a fan, "The SOA game will definitely appeal to women gamers as well. Nothing hotter than a girl with a controller in her hands."