Mass Effect 3 to offer free 'Commendation Packs' to PS3 players today

Mass Effect 3 players on PlayStation 3 missed out on a few weeks of "N7 Operations." While BioWare and Sony eventually figured out a way to implement the themed multiplayer challenges, PS3 players still missed out on a number of goodies they would have received if the challenges were available. Lament no more, PS3 owners! BioWare is simply giving away the goodies for free this week--so long as you log-in.

"After working closely with Sony we are now able to offer you the multiplayer Commendation Packs for Operation Goliath and Operation Raptor, held previously this year," the BioWare blog notes. "On Wednesday, May 9, please login and check the in-game store for your Goliath and Raptor packs, free of charge." That's today. Commendation Packs include a variety of weapons and goodies for use in future multiplayer sessions.

It's unclear if the freebies will extend beyond today, so it's best to log in as soon as you read this.