'Flick of the Dead' is Typing of the Dead for iOS

If you were born before 1990, you may have fuzzy memories of automated typing programs in your middle school computer class. They came in a variety of flavors, from teddy bears to Mario, but the holy grail was Typing of the Dead. It was a typing program like all the rest, except zombies. That made it infinitely cooler, years before video games would inevitably beat the undead horse. A new iOS App on the Japanese App Store is attempting to recapture that spirit, with swipes in place of keystrokes.

Andriasang reports that the game hit the Japanese App Store today, complete with 25,000 words and GameCenter support. Rather than typing in your words to blast zombies, you flick Japanese characters at them. The game is available for free on the Japanese App Store.

No North American plans have been announced, but we can always hope. Here's a look at the original Typing of the Dead: