Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Allies' update announced

As with every online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic must constantly offer something new for subscribers to come back to. While the 1.2 update ("Legacy") launched only a month ago, Electronic Arts and BioWare have announced plans for the next content update, titled "Allies."

Little else is known about the update, other than it will be available in EA's fiscal "Q1" time frame--or before the end of June.

Shacker limpossible notes that the 1.3 update (which "Allies" likely is) will include "a dungeon finder, expand the legacy, and include a new raid."

EA's recent financial report notes the overall health of the SWTOR community. EA says the community now has 1.3 million subscribers, a significant drop from 1.7 million in February. EA previously said that subscriptions were stable, but active logins were in decline. Could "Allies" possibly stop the downward momentum?