Avengers: Battle for Earth could be Ubisoft-published tie-in game

Let's face it: The new Avengers movie is one of the best comic-book-to-film adaptation to come out in a long time (thanks, Joss Whedon). Given its big-budget status and plethora of superheroes, it only stands to reason that the next step is a film-to-video game adaptation, and that apparently has already begun.

Marvel, through brand protection firm MarkMonitor, has registered the domain for Avengers: Battle for Earth and it is currently sitting on Ubisoft servers.

The fact that Ubisoft is involved is puzzling, since Marvel's VP of games production TQ Jefferson told Forbes that the new movie game would be coming from Disney, which purchased the comics giant in 2009. Jefferson also said that Sega would no longer be involved with the games and Disney Interactive would take over. Marvel: Avengers Alliance is already a Facebook game through Disney's Playdom brand.

In late 2011, videos surfaced on YouTube showing an Avengers game being developed by THQ's Studio Australia before it was closed down. The videos were removed soon after the story broke.

Ubisoft refused to comment, but we've also reached out to Marvel and Disney to see what gamers can expect in the way of an Avengers game. Whether it comes from Ubisoft or Disney, something is brewing.