Rumor: Wii U third-party games leaked by retailer

Nintendo debuted the Wii U with a teaser reel of hardcore, third-party franchises at E3 last year. Now that we're ramping up for another E3, with expectations of specific launch line-up details from the Wii U, we've started to see reports trickle in regarding third-parties. Those plans may have been blown wide open today, with a rumor of several game names spotted at a UK retailer.

Go Nintendo reports on a series of purported photos from Blockbuster UK. The list includes many games currently slated for PS3 and Xbox 360, like Metro: Last Light and Aliens: Colonial Marines. More interesting are the unannounced titles like Just Dance 4, Marvel Super Heroes, and Rabbids Party Land. Some, like "Shield Pose" and "Zombie" are a total mystery.

The list looks legitimate enough, but it's unconfirmed at this point. Shacknews has contacted Nintendo of America, but the real word probably won't come until E3.