Pinkerton Road hits goal for Moebius, second game revealed

Adventure game fans have answered the call of Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Studios, pledging more than the company's required $300,000 Kickstarter goal to ensure the creation of its first game Moebius.

But Jensen and business partner/husband Robert Holmes revealed that the company has a team ready to go to make a second adventure game.

Instead of repeating another round of Kickstarter funding, the title will be funded and released through the traditional publisher route. They didn't reveal too much about "Mystery Game X," other than to say it will be a dark mystery third-person adventure.

Jensen said more won't be revealed until the Kickstarter campaign ends on May 18. Those who pledge $50 or more will get both Moebius and Mystery Game X, while those at the two lowers tiers would have their choice of either game, but not both.