League of Legends exploit closed; bans coming

As with many online games, players will look for any advantage they can to win, including using hacks, cheats and unintentional loopholes in game code. Riot Games isn't taking too kindly to cheaters in its League of Legends game, and those violators are feeling the developer's wrath.

In a tersely worded forum post, Riot Game's Community Manager Andrew "Tamat" Beegle let the community know of the "bullshit" certain players were doing to create an unfair advantage and that the behavior was not going to be tolerated. An exploit--which allowed players to add extra Mastery points through a hacking client--had been found and closed as soon as it was uncovered. Beegle said action was being taken against the "scum of the earth cheaters:"

We have comprehensive logs and data that allow us to see precisely who did what, and also who was negatively affected by this malicious behavior. We’ve identified all of the players that have been using this exploit, and we’re going to be taking firm action against their accounts. As we continue to investigate and further analyze data, our primary commitment is identifying players negatively affected and doing everything within our power to make it right.

The forum response was overwhelmingly positive, with even one poster predicting there were me several forum threads in the next few days by users asking why they had been banned.

Here's a video showing the hacked masteries prior to the exploit being closed: