Diablo 3: Wrath animated short coming this week

Although Diablo 3 will likely sell quite well without much help from its marketing team, they still need to earn their pay. So, coming this week is a new 2D animated short called Diablo 3: Wrath, which will offer more backstory for the game.

Wrath, created by Titmouse Inc. and Aeon Flux director Peter Chung, was exposed by Blizzard with a "making of" video explaining how the short ties in with the game, using commentary from Chung and Blizzard's story master Chris Metzen, among others.

Diablo 3: Wrath will be unlocked when the game's Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise site hits 100 percent, which should happen around Tuesday, the same day that the previous character class videos had been released.

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