Creative Assembly's Aliens game jumping to next gen

Creative Assembly, developer of the Total War series, has been working on a game set in the Alien universe. While this summer's release of Prometheus may have you clawing for the game, it appears the title is still early in its development, as evidenced by a new job post on Creative Assembly's website. Interestingly, the game is now being aimed not only at the current gen, but the next one as well.

A job post for a multiplayer/gameplay programmer describes the project as "a AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe."

While current generation was always in the picture, images of an alien bursting forth from the next PlayStation and Xbox spin wildly into view. Not much has been revealed about the game since last year when Sega's Mike Hayes told CVG that plans were to make a "peer to Dead Space 2."