Black Ops 2 documentary describes the future of war

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 presented a dark vision of 2025, wherein war is fought by a variety of drones. Your reaction to this scenario may have varied from "hey, robots!" to "wait, robots?" Just how realistic are the drone-powered future fields of war, anyway? Activision has created a series of mini-documentaries to explain to you that this future is very real--and it's coming soon.

The company has released a series of mini-documentaries (via VentureBeat) on how war is changing. To lend them a bit of weight, they feature retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, and Wired for War author Peter Singer.

"The disconnect between how fast technology is coming and our reaction time -- the distance between those two is growing," says Singer in one video.

"I don’t think the average American grasps how violent war is about to become," says North. "I don't worry about a guy who wants to hijack a plane. I worry about a guy who wants to hijack all the planes."

Check out the mini-docs below to see Activision arguing that its fictional future-war isn't entirely inconceivable.

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