Inside Xbox production shut down

Xbox Live's exclusive video series, Inside Xbox, has been discontinued. The ongoing series offered Xbox 360 owners a Microsoft-flavored look into the industry with shows like Major's Minute and Insider Moves.

"At Xbox, we are focused on making entertainment and gaming more amazing, and we must continue to invest our resources and talents wisely. Consequently, we've decided to discontinue production of Inside Xbox in the United States," Microsoft's Larry Hyrb wrote in a statement.

Speaking on the Major Nelson blog, Hyrb added that Microsoft remains "committed to providing our members with access to high-quality news and information via the console," and will leverage third-party news and video content. While there will be "select first-party offerings," Hyrb notes that all "day-to-day news content and weekly programming" will cease production. So long, Featured Videos. Good bye, Xbox 101.

Although layoffs are likely, Hyrb's job seems secure. On Twitter, he added "this only affects Inside Xbox videos and that team. The rest of my work will continue."

Fans have not responded to the news well. "You should be producing more Xbox exclusive content to add value to Xbox LIVE Gold compared to similar services," one commenter noted. "To be honest, Major, Microsoft doesn't seem to want to support or listen to its community any more. Such a shame," another added.