Steam getting remote game downloads

How many times have you slumped at worked, idly day-dreaming about playing a certain game when you get home, only to have your dreams shattered when you realise it'll take hours to download? I never have, because I enjoy every last second of my job, but for you lot, good news!

Steam is getting the ability to install games on your home PC remotely through a web browser, so you'll never again stumble through your front door, let your brave face slip and burst into tears, then collapse on your bed squeezing your terrified cat.

To initiate a remote download, all you'll need to do is log into the Steam website, go into your games list, and click install. Your computer needs to be turned on for this to work, obviously. One imagines that the feature will also be added to the Steam mobile app.

You can supposedly try remote downloads in a new Steam beta client, but the download options don't seem to be on the Steam site yet. Still, if you want to get in for when they are, go into your Steam settings and look for the 'Beta participation' section of the 'Account' tab.