Dustforce sale celebrates editor and Mac launch

Hi, Alice O'Connor here with another fantastic dirty product. Are you tired of cleaning up other people's mess? Then stop it! Punishing indie platformer Dustforce has launched its level editor, letting you scatter your own filth to sweep away. But wait, there's more! The Mac version arrived yesterday too, and the whole shebang's 50% off on Steam, down to $4.99.

The level editor looks easy to use, letting you simply paint out levels and then drag in props. You can then upload your levels online and invite the whole world to play in your detritus.

Dustforce's Steam mid-week sale will run until 4pm Pacific on Thursday. For $6.49, you can get a bundle with the soundtrack too. Or, if you already bought Dustforce, perhaps after reading our review, you can score the soundtrack on its lonesome for $1.99, also 50% off.

Here's a peek at some user-made maps: