Get a free PS Vita... by buying a Scion iQ

Looking to get a Vita, but can't afford its $250 asking price? Don't worry, car manufacturer Scion has got your back. Starting today, the company has launched a promo where purchasing or leasing the iQ will net you Sony's handheld for free.

Starting at $16K MSRP, the iQ is described as "the world's smallest 4-seater," and the "most portable car." So why is it offering a free Vita with purchase? Because Sony's handheld is "the most portable gaming system." Clearly, they have not seen how big this machine is.

This isn't the first time Sony and Scion have partnered up. In fact, MotorStorm RC was given away as a freebie to Vita owners, thanks to a Scion promotion.

While one can't complain about receiving freebies, do note that buying a car isn't exactly the best way to get your hands on Sony's new console. According to the promotion details, it will take 10-12 weeks for the system to ship after mailing in the necessary paperwork.