Midnight Purple 3DS launching May 20

You may be enjoying your 3DS, with it's relatively small but quality library, SpotPass feature to be exploited at PAX, and loads of free games if you were a sucker. But we know that deep down, you wish that the system could match your Prince outfit during your weekly 90s pop-star cosplay parties. Nintendo knows too, which is surely the explanation for the new Midnight Purple 3DS.

The new color launches May 20 for the standard $169.99. It will be the fifth available color for the system, after Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red, and Pearl Pink. (Nintendo names its systems like Crayola crayons.) Most likely, this color is meant to widen the system's appeal to girls, as Nintendo has had luck in the past with expanding its handheld market toward the female demographic.

If the release date sounds familiar, it's because it's also the release of Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, so anyone buying the system for the game will have that color option. That naturally leads to the question, what does purple have to do with tennis? And also, why did you memorize the release date for Mario Tennis Open?