League of Legends adding spectator mode

League of Legends has earned a name for itself as a kind of spectator sport -- as the packed crowds at trade shows and broadcast highlights would indicate. So it only makes sense that Riot Games' next update will include a full-fledged spectator mode.

The mode will let you watch your friends' games while in-progress, or you can choose from a list of featured games that showcase some of the best LoL players around. All live games come with a three-minute delay to avoid cheating. If you're playing a game, you can toggle an option to make a game private so others can't view it.

The replays will also feature "Timeshift" controls, letting you rewind, slow down, or pause a game even if it's live. Then you can fast-forward to catch up or jump back to the live display. Plus, the AI can direct the camera so you don't have to futz with it yourself. Check out a rundown of the features below.

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