Dive, Dive! Silent Hunter Online announced

While many naval gaming enthusiasts cut their teeth on the Silent Hunter series, I earned my naval rank through a not-as-popular game, Enigma: Rising Tide. I loved the sub combat, but eventually grew away from the genre, never fully adopting the SH games.

Now, I am probably going to get that submariner yearning again. After the "always-online" debacle that was Silent Hunter 5, Ubisoft is trying again, this time with a game that is supposed to stay connected. Silent Hunter Online was announced today as a Flash-oriented, browser-based game. It is being developed by Blue Byte, the studio behind the Settlers and Anno series of games.

The game world is dynamic, affected by what other players do in the game. Players can also group up in wolfpacks to hunt down enemy convoys.

Not much is know yet, but the game is in alpha and expected to launch later this year. Watch the teaser below, then you can enlist in the beta if you can stand the close quarters.

BOOM video 12624