FileShack: Stellar Impact, A Valley Without Wind

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FileShack for the week of April 28, 2012 features the Stellar Impact free to play client, A Valley Without Wind demo, and more.

Stellar Impact free to play client

BOOM video 12371

A multiplayer player versus player space combat game, Stellar Impact is a radical mix of Defense of the Ancients and Homeworld. Choose between different classes of starships, including the fast-corvette, heavy dreadnaught, or cruiser and get promoted through the ranks to earn rewards in the form of better crew and equipment for your fleet. Download the client and play for free!

A Valley Without Wind demo

A Valley Without Wind is an indie 2D side-scrolling adventure game that casts you in the role of a lone wanderer out to defeat the terrible Overlord. Fight him at any time, but be prepared to die if you have not spent much time questing and exploring. Download the demo for Windows or the demo for Mac.

MacGuffin's Curse demo

Help magician turned thief turned werewolf escape the dastardly clutches of a Private Investigator, funded by a powerful billionaire, and lift the curse before being captured and turned into a horrific science experiment! MacGuffin's Curse is a hilarious puzzle adventure game with tounge in cheek dialogue inspired by classic adventure games. Try the Windows demo or the Mac demo.

Telepath RPG: Servants of God demo

Telepath RPG: Servants of God by Sinister Design describes itself as "a hybrid western RPG / strategy RPG set in a unique Middle Eastern steampunk fantasy setting," emphasising tactical turned-based combat, meaningful dialog with lasting consequences, and a story about the existence or non-existence of a supernatural being. Try out the demo to see what you think.

Arx Libertatis for Arx Fatalis free game

Based on Arkane Studios Arx Fatalis and its publicly released source-code, Arx Libertatis is an open-source remake of the game featuring new bug-fixes, modifications, and driver changes for a smoother experience on modern systems. In order to run Arx Libertatis, you need to either own a copy of the original game or simply the demo, which you can find here at Shacknews. After installing the Arx Fatalis demo or full game, download Arx Libertatis for Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit architectures.

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