EA trademarks 'SimOcean'

EA may be trying a whole new kind of Sim game, with a new trademark filed for "SimOcean." Details are scant right now, seeing as we only have a title, but this may be the first hint of a future Sim game. Keep in mind, of course, that a trademark registration doesn't necessarily mean a finished product will come out of it.

The trademark was caught by Siliconera, filed just yesterday by EA.

While the SimCity and Sims series are the most famous of the bunch, Maxis has made all sorts of Sim games. Compared to games that showcased diverse subjects like ants, refineries, and the US healthcare system (seriously), giving us a look at the inner-workings of ocean life seems downright normal. If the subject is wide enough to support a David Attenborough documentary series, surely Maxis can wring some fun out of managing it.