Leisure Suit Larry hits his Kickstarter goal

Larry, that smarmy little Lethario in a leisure suit, will be returning to your computer in reloaded form, thanks to developer Replay Games achieving its Kickstarter goal of $500,000 earlier today, with seven days still left in the campaign.

With the achievement in hand, creator Al Lowe can get cranking on Leisure Suit Larry HD, with the intention of getting the game on PC, MAC, iOS devices, PS3, Xbox 360 and just about any other platform that has a controller or touch device of some sort. Fans of the series have voted on getting more content in the game, depending on how far the company can get past its initial goal.

More details should be available once the final amount has been tallied, and you can still donate until May 2. In the meantime, have fun watching Lowe trying to make a few PSAs for the campaign: