Forza 4 Top Gear DLC coming in May

Another wodge of new cars are coming to Forza Motorsport 4 on May 1 in the Top Gear Car Pack. How is it Top Gear-themed? Well, there are cars and stuff, and you may recognise them from the TV show.

The DLC will add 10 new cars, from the retro 1966 Lotus Cortina to the mighty 2011 Ford Transite SuperSportVan. Race on over to the Forza blog for the full run-down on all the cars, with some awful Jeremy Clarkson-style patter.

As the last DLC pack covered by Forza 4 Season Pass was April's Alpinestars bag o' cars, everyone who wants this one will have to pay up. It'll run you 560 Microsoft Points ($7). A hefty Porsche expansion is in the works for Forza 4 too.

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