Gravity Rush pre-order DLC includes extra missions, costume

The PlayStation Vita title Gravity Rush has set a release date and a demo date, but no anticipated release's hype train is complete without pre-order bonus announcements. Sony dropped word today of a "Military DLC" pack for pre-orders, which includes two side missions, two challenge missions, and a military-themed costume for the main character, Kat.

The PlayStation Blog shares the details. The two extra missions will be available after you finish Episode 17 of the main story. First you'll take on the "Game Rules" side mission, to train as a military officer. In the middle of training, the Nevi appear and need a good beat-down. Completing it nets you the military costume, and the second extra mission, titled "Visionary Courage." A disaster strikes during round-up mission and Kat has to decide between her mission and her friends.

The two side missions are unlocked after completing pieces of the main campaign too. Finishing Episode 8 opens "Factory Energy Gate Race 2," and finishing Episode 11 unlocks "Slide Race in Another Dimension." Pre-order bonuses are available through "participating retailers" in America, and replies in the comments section confirm that Sony is working with Canadian shops as well.

Gravity Rush is due to hit Vita on June 12, with a demo coming May 29.