Canceled Sony projects include Heavenly Sword 2, Getaway 3

An artist has shed some light on projects that were in the works but canceled at Sony over the last few years. Namely, a follow-up to the early PlayStation 3 title Heavenly Sword, and a new entry in the Getaway franchise, were in development at some point but subsequently shelved.

The revelations come from the CV and show reel of Martin Binfield (via Joystiq), a former Sony lead artist. His show reel contains E3 trailer footage of "The Getaway 3," while his CV mentions work on Heavenly Sword 2 taking place in 2008. These are scattered among various unnamed game concepts ranging from the sci-fi genre to the depiction of a serene meadow.

It's not surprising that Sony considered a Heavenly Sword sequel, given that it was a part of the console's identity in its first year. Apparently that was enough to have it in production, at least for a time.