Call of Duty hints at future setting

Activision has started to tease the next Call of Duty, with word that an official announcement is coming May 1. But already, the company has been dropping clues, such as a new video that hints at a future setting with more sophisticated weaponry.

The Call of Duty site (via Polygon) forwards to a video from FPS Russia. It portrays a Russian weapons dealer named Dmitri Potapoff, showing off a "prototype quadrotor with machine gun." Throughout the video, Potapoff talks about how the weapon won't be widely available for another 10-15 years.

The remote controlled drone is shown firing on mannequins with its own embedded camera, and then self-destructing inside a car. The video ends with Potapoff saying, "my friends are telling me that this baby might just be in the next Call of Duty game, which would be the shit."

The obvious conclusion is that the next Call of Duty game will take place 10-15 years the future, or in the near future with access to more futuristic prototype technology. That would make sense if the sequel is the rumored follow-up to Black Ops, as it makes for an easy narrative hook to give players tools that are on the cutting edge.